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Highest fixed deposit interest rate 9%

Earn the highest fixed deposit

interest rate without opening a

bank account. All fixed deposits

will be converted with RBI

security policy up to 5

lakhs. It's an easy one-click

solution to get the highest

returns on fixed deposits.

StableMoney Investment App

If you are making your own financial decisions, you know how hard it is to balance liquidity and returns of investment. If you would like to make your funds more liquid you will lose its returns and vice versa if you want to make its return high you will lose its liquidity.

We will tell you the trick to get the right balance between liquidity and returns. If we can tell you that you can get 9% plus interest rate on our fixed deposit. if you select compounding it will be almost a 10% annual interest rate.

Download StableMoney App

StableMoney App
StableMoney App
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Download StableMoney App

Stable money is safe for your investments. Your money is safe: when you make any investment, your money directly goes to the bank. Stable Money never holds any of your funds.

Booking Fixed deposit with StableMoney

You can download a stable money mobile application. You can register yourself with a mobile application. Once you register complete the hassle-free KYC process and you are now able to open fixed deposits with any bank across the app. The Great thing about the app is it's free and there are no hidden charges.

The app will guide you through long-term, medium-term, and short-term investment fixed deposits. The app will also suggest fixed deposits for maximum returns. The only downside is that your money will be in 1 month lock-in period and it depends on a stable money app policy.


It's a wise decision to make sure your funds are liquid as well as securing the highest returns possible. This is the key to stable growth. liquidity gives you control over your funds when you need them, returns give you confidence for your future planning.