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Tata Tiscon Price List

Tata Tiscon is a brand

of steel rebars (reinforcement bars)

manufactured by Tata Steel, one

of the leading steel companies

in the world. Let's reveal

tata tiscon price list to

get an in-depth analysis of


Tata Tiscon Price List

Tata Tiscon is a brand of high-strength rebars (steel reinforcement bars) manufactured by Tata Steel, a prominent steel company in India. These rebars are used extensively in construction for their superior strength and durability. They are produced using advanced technology and adhere to strict quality standards to ensure reliability in construction projects.

Tata Tiscon rebars are made from high-quality steel billets in a controlled manufacturing process that involves heating, rolling, and quenching. This process imparts exceptional strength and ductility to the rebars, making them ideal for reinforcing concrete structures, such as buildings, bridges, dams, and other infrastructure.

Tata Tiscon Price List With Effect From: 1st Oct. 2023

Tata Tiscon Price List
Sizes (in mm)Recommended Consumer Price (Per Piece)
6 mm 228.00 ₹
8 mm 382.00 ₹
10 mm 582.00 ₹
12 mm 822.00 ₹
16 mm 1463.00 ₹
20 mm 2288.00 ₹
25 mm 3566.00 ₹

The rebars are available in various grades, such as Fe-500D, Fe-600, 550SD indicating their yield strength in mega pascals (MPa). Higher-grade rebars like Fe-600 offer increased strength, which is advantageous for structures requiring superior load-bearing capacity.

Tata Tiscon Price list may vary from time to time, depending on the market condition and the transportation charges.

These rebars come with unique features like ribbed patterns on their surface to provide better grip with concrete, ensuring enhanced bond strength between the steel and concrete. This feature contributes to the structural integrity and longevity of the construction.

Tata Tiscon places a significant emphasis on quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process. Stringent quality checks are conducted to maintain consistency and reliability in the mechanical properties of the rebars, conforming to national and international standards.

Moreover, the brand emphasizes customer service and offers technical assistance to construction professionals, providing guidance on the appropriate usage of their products in various construction applications.

Overall, Tata Tiscon stands out in the market for its commitment to producing high-quality, high-strength steel rebars that meet the stringent requirements of the construction industry, ensuring safety, durability, and reliability in structures.